We are living in unprecedented times with the outbreak of COVID-19. This pandemic has uprooted the way every one of us live our lives. We are all being asked to stay at home to protect our healthcare workers on the frontline. We must protect each other by staying apart

Here at CLEANPASS, we understand all to well how deadly infections can spread. Having worked in the environmental hygiene in healthcare sector for over 10 years, we are passionate about delivering skill-based training driven by infection prevention and control.

Until we have a vaccine, we will need to continue to adapt to this new way of living. It is therefore so important that we are prepared and know how to live in this new environment safely – both to minimise our risk of exposure to COVID-19; and to protect others.

CLEANPASS provides a range of evidence based infection prevention and control programmes specially designed  staff in healthcare and other hygiene related sectors. It is clear that this is now a relevant issue for us all, particularly as we start to return to the workforce.

Employers have a responsibility to prioritise the health, safety and welfare of their employees by minimising any risks in the workplace. It is vital now more than ever that employers have measures in place to protect their staff in the workplace in order to minimise their risk of exposure to COVID-19.

While some employers have the capacity to set their employees up to work from home remotely, this will not be feasible for many.

With our health and safety expertise and knowledge of infection prevention and control, we have developed a new online programme, COVID-19 Back to the Workplace, to support employers and their employees returning to work.

It is a short online course (1/2 Day) that goes through the following sections: Why is There a New Normal?; How to stop the spread of infection; How to Stay Safe at Work; and How to meet the New Standards.

We are offering this course for a small fee so that is accessible to all.

The information we have on this virus is continuously evolving so it is important to stay informed on the latest advice from Ireland’s Department of Health, the Health Service Executive’s (HSE), the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HSPC) and the World Health Organisation for the most up to date information.