CLEANPASS for Nursing Homes

CLEANPASS is the leading provider of hygiene consultancy and training to Nursing Homes throughout Ireland.

Challenges You May Face

  • Lack of systematic approach – ensuring staff to take responsibly of meeting National Hygiene standards set out by HIQA.
  • Conducting internal audits and failing to meet the pass rate.
  • Struggling to uphold and maintain creditability of your facility while ensuring patient satisfaction rates are high.
  • Lack of perception – monitoring complaints ensuring each complaint is investigated and documented.
  • Trouble enforcing a high standard of cleaning amongst all staff.


  • The CLEANPASS programme is proven to increase your
    compliance rating in internal and external hygiene audits.
  • You will greatly improve public perception of your facility which can lean to having a high profile in the local community.
  • CLEANPASS will identify the critical components required for your organisation’s training through reviewing of HIQA requirements.
  • You will grow the potential of your front-line staff by creating an environment where top talent wants to work.

Let’s discuss, of how CLEANPASS can help your facility…