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CLEANPASS champions infection prevention and control through hygiene in healthcare, we are a powerful catalyst for change through education, training and review.

The approach to training hygiene support staff in healthcare facilities makes a telling difference, when it comes to increasing the overall standards of hygiene.

Our proven training programme will increase the effectiveness of support staff, improve adherence to HIQA quality and hygiene standards, minimise the risk of spreading infections, and dramatically raise internal and external audit ratings.

Let’s Spread the Word, Not the Infection


CLEANPASS is a nationally recognised 3 day training program for support staff.

The training has been developed around National Irish hygiene standards.

Following successful completion of the CLEANPASS three day training program participants receive their unique CLEANPASS ID card.

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Why Choose Us

All employers have an obligation to ensure, to their best ability, the health, safety and welfare of their employees and clients or customers is protected while they are at work.

Providing a hygenic and safe environment should be at the top of every employers’ list of priorities, particularly in the current environment with the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more than a decade Cleanpass has provided training in environmental and equipment cleaning techniques and systematic cleaning for healthcare household staff.

The programme has been developed in consultation with an expert group (including infection control specialists) in line with National best practice as evidence and evidence-based hygiene standards.

Our programmes have been developed in line with National best practice and evidence based hygiene standards, including the Health Information and Quality Authority’s (HIQA) 2017 – National Standards for the prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections in acute healthcare services.


CLEANPASS is a nationally recognised 3 day unique specialised hygiene training program for support staff working in healthcare.


CLEANPASS ID cards are given to participants who successfully complete the training. These ID cards indicate to the public, employers and colleagues alike, the certified high standard of training they have attained.

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